Gander is a magazine for a generation bored of being defined by others.

About Gander

We’ve decided that the words “Millennial”, “NEET”, “Grads” and “Generation Y” are too naff to actually do us justice. They don’t capture the beauty of a group of friends laughing about the mundane bits of their entry-level job, or the complexity involved in turning down unpaid work, or indeed the multitude of other concerns and interests we share that don’t revolve incessantly around employability. So we thought we’d do the talking instead.

This is a place for you to hear straight from the horse’s mouth – or indeed, straight from the goose’s.

About Us

We’re in our twenties, we’re spread across the globe, and we all wanted to write something more meaningful than minutes for our work meetings. After a few rousing emails and a failed video group chat or two, Gander is now part of the world.

“Gander” is a cheeky homage to the university we all met at – York is famed for its feisty and ever-present goosey friends. It’s also a VERY clever play on “having a gander” as we cast our collective eye across the world – or something.

Once we’d all graduated we scattered – some to find ourselves, some to find work, some to do both, etc – and we’re reconvening to put our best bits on the web. You’re very welcome to join us.