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Hey there, my feminist friend. Nice to have you here, with our mutually held belief in the need for universal equality sitting pretty between us. Great to see you.

Now, before this gets too cosy, best be brutally honest: even though we’re both feminists, obviously, we’re not going to agree on everything. There are so many shades to this vast, sprawling movement, and a hydra-headed array of issues to tackle; it would be impossible for us to be on exactly the same page on everything. And by its nature of being the personal made political, feminism is a movement built up of a multitude of subjective experiences – and global, cross-cultural ones at that – so it’s never going to package up nicely into a neat little one-size-fits-all beliefs box. There are always going to be varied, stimulating, occasionally conflicting interpretations and ideas kicking about.

As a result, our definitions and priorities, yours and mine, probably diverge; those issues we each consider most pressing in the march towards equality may well differ. We might not always be on exactly the same wave-length (waves, geddit?! (don’t worry if not, that’s sort of the point here)).

The key thing is, despite the differences, we definitely do both reckon that universal equality across genders would be bloody marvellous. What would be great, then, is if we could delve into those differences, have time and space to discuss them together, to iron out our ideas, and to work out how we can even translate them into action. Wouldn’t that just be so great? It would be great.

Guys, we’re in luck! The exciting and beautiful Feminism in London national conference offers us the chance to do exactly that. The two day event held annually in London is the perfect place to explore any inklings you’ve been having that gender equality may well be pretty fundamental: a chance to hear vibrant, brilliant women speak their pieces on the issues we’re collectively facing, to engage and debate with those who we’re working alongside to change things, and, if you fancy it, to get some really nice badges. And it’s coming up fast: 24th – 25th October.

Sex work, the lack of women in parliament, female genital mutilation, catcalling, trafficking, activism and language. I’d like to hear more about all of these things, and it’s difficult to deny they’re in need of attention. If it irks you even a bit that men outnumber women heavily in top jobs, or when you see relentless pink princess toys on shelves directly addressed to girls, or when a female friend is made to feel diminished by the pressures women face because of the way society is set up right now, come on down.DSCF0378

Whatever your gender, age or political leaning, or any other identifier you’re worried may disqualify you, you are welcome. However far you’ve ventured down the road of feminism so far, or even not at all, this conference is for you. Have a look at speakers here, and tickets here. It’s going to be a wonderful weekend.


Still unsure? We got the lowdown from one of the conference organisers on what’s particularly pertinent to our generation; read the interview here.


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