My First Time: An Intro

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This is not a blog series about sex. Sorry. You could read these though, if that’s what you’re after. Or head here.

This is a blog about other, arguably much more interesting first times. The first time moving city, first time living abroad, first stint as a cheesemonger. First impulse-bought pet, first time being robbed. First spirit guide. All the usuals.

When you slip out from under the protective hem of university into the disinterested churn of the real world, splattered across the pavements of adulthood like the special snowflake I for one am proud to be, there’s lot with which you need to get to grips. Plenty of firsts.

And we all have to pick our own way through this knotty jumble. It is, in turns, exhausting and lonely and brilliant. There’s no go-to guide for it, and this blog does not profess to be even an approximation of a guide. This is, though, my take on the knotty jumble, and I like to think it’ll be worth a read. If you fancy coming along, then let’s get unpicking.

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